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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

We all know that the world of performance management is upside down at the moment. Managers and employees equally despise the year-end appraisal, feeling that it takes too long to prepare for, and that it’s really quite unpleasant for both parties. In fact, as noted in “The Three Questions to Start Your Revolution,” the second section of our research report, The Truth & Lies of Performance Management, almost 75% of managers report that the process is a burden.

But before you think about reinventing your approach and your processes, you need to tackle three big questions.

The first question relates to whether you should be taking this on at all. In the report, we suggest criteria to consider before taking the plunge into the waters of change.

The second question asks “Should we keep ratings?” That’s such a big thing, isn’t it? Ratings can be demotivating, but what are the consequences of not having them?

If you’d like to get more details or learn what the third question is, download The Truth & Lies of Performance Management here.


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