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Todd Gilchrist on Refining a ‘People Strategy’

April 18, 2018

Todd Gilchrist is VP of People, Legal & Privacy at Alberta Health Services. In this role, he’s observed a connection between employee engagement and patient outcomes. A clear “people strategy” can help employees reach their full potential and ultimately deliver the organization’s objectives.

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Mark C. Thompson’s One Best Question

April 16, 2018

Mark Thompson, founder of Sir Richard Branson’s entrepreneurship centres, New York Times bestselling author and executive coach, shares his go-to question for unleashing possibilities and potential in others. You’ll want to add it to your leadership repertoire immediate. Tune into this short, sharp conversation.

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Coaching Not Sticking?

April 12, 2018

With the need for more frequent feedback, many organizations are reviewing their approach to performance management by equipping managers with the skills to be able to give higher-quality, more frequent feedback. The problem is, HR leaders have tried to implement coaching in their organization and have struggled to do it successfully in the past. Get a sneak peek at how to make coaching work in your organization.

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Ayse Birsel on Transformation through Design

April 9, 2018

Ayse Birsel is a New York-based designer and the creator of Design the Life You Love, a book and coursework that teaches designers and non-designers how to create a meaningful life. Tune in to explore how design is inherently optimistic and why having a process matters for triggering imagination and channeling creativity. Don’t miss this episode

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Performance Management & the C-Suite

April 5, 2018

The traditional approach to performance management (PM) has not reached its potential, and now your organization has committed to changing its current PM approach. Now the question is this; do you involve the C-suite or not?

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Devra Johnson of Intel on Driving High Performance

April 4, 2018

In her role as Director of Performance Solutions at Intel Corporation, Devra Johnson has redesigned Intel’s Performance Management System. Tune in as she outlines how high performance is tied to regular, meaningful conversations about what employees hope to accomplish, and in knowing that their work is valued.

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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

March 29, 2018

We all know that the world of performance management is upside down at the moment. But before you think about reinventing your approach and your processes, you need to tackle three big questions. Discover more in this article and video preview of Section 2 of The Truth & Lies of Performance Management.

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Lauren Letta of Charity: Water on the Impact of Transparency and Integrity

March 28, 2018

Lauren Letta is the Chief Operating Officer of Charity: Water, where she has been a driving force in building its entrepreneurial-minded team and employee-centric culture. Embedding the principles of collaboration, transparency and integrity into their performance management process has helped Charity: Water function more efficiently and effectively.

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