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The Coaching Habit®

The Coaching Habit program really integrates beautifully with everything we’ve been working on in terms of leadership development. It’s shift away from command and control towards the new culture of leadership, which involves coaching and collaboration and bringing out the best in the people on your team.

Lina Rinaldi, COO, Brant Community Healthcare System

Coaching That Sticks

You already know the value of developing coaching skills: coaching can increase focus and capacity, reduce overwhelm and dependency, and drive both engagement and impact. You’ve probably brought in coaching programs before … and most likely you’re here now because they haven’t stuck.

Why? Managers are stretched more thinly than ever before. They don’t have time to add another task to their job description. In today’s busy world, they need to coach someone fast and as part of the work they already do — not in addition to it.

What If Your Managers Could Coach in 10 Minutes or Less?

We help managers and leaders develop — and keep — the coaching habit. When managers become more coach-like, coaching ceases to be a one-off formal event and instead becomes a part of their everyday repertoire.

This innovative, award-winning program is an introduction to coaching skills for managers and leaders. Beginning with a half-day session, The Coaching Habit program shows busy managers how to slay the advice monster so that they can say less, ask more and change the way they lead forever. To ensure that it becomes an innate way of leading and interacting, we deliver tools and accountability systems to get it “in their bones.”

3 Key Components

1 New Way of Seeing Coaching

To reframe coaching and break down resistance.

2 Practical Coaching Tools

To ensure next-day-ready skills and daily coaching.

The Art & Science of Behaviour Change

To shift behaviours and embed coaching.

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Why The Coaching Habit Is Different

Here are key ways The Coaching Habit ensures the learning sticks.

  • We make coaching a normal everyday activity, not “weird HR”

    We believe that being more coach-like can transform every interaction. The Coaching Habit is intuitive and practical, and can be used immediately and every day.

  • We show that coaching helps the manager too, not just the person being coached

    We bring a new understanding of how coaching helps the busy manager work less hard and have more impact.

  • We teach practical skills, not abstract theory

    We don’t teach a coaching model but build on the wisdom in the room, so that people leave with insights and skills that are usable and practical for them.

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