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How to Build Habits That Stick

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We can all relate to wanting new skills and healthier habits.

We want to go to bed earlier or spend less time on technology. So, maybe around the New Year or another milestone– a birthday or changing of season– we decide to start building our new habit.

But, more often than not, a couple of weeks or months in we find ourselves slipping. We get it, change is hard and tiring in the routines and obligations of everyday life.

So, curious minds want to know: How can you create new habits that stick?

5 steps to your new habit

Focus on how to get to the outcome you want. In other words, journey over destination. Let’s ground this in 5 doable steps.

  1. Find your why: To change your comfortable routines, you’ll need to convince yourself with a great reason. Ask how this new habit will serve you, or the people you care about.
  2. Identify triggers: What sends you back to the old behaviour you’re trying to change? Be specific—this is the starting point for transformation.
  3. Define your new habit: If it seems too abstract, you won’t know how to start; too time-consuming and you’ll find a way out. Break down larger habits into micro-actions that take 60 seconds or less.
  4. Practice deeply: Try 2 strategies for deep practice. 1) Practice small chunks of the bigger action. 2) Stay mindful during the act, celebrating successes and noticing the rewards of your new habit. This will keep you coming back.
  5. Prepare for missteps: Be kind to yourself and stay curious when you revert to old ways. Instead of scolding yourself, ask a question like: Why did I revert to X behaviour?

Here's your new habit formula:

When this happens...


Instead of...

[Old Habit]

I will...

[New Habit]

While practicing I will...

[Stay Curious Longer]

Building habits that truly stick isn't about forcing yourself into some strict routine; it's about understanding your motivations, recognizing the triggers that lead you astray, and taking deliberate action to shape your behaviour.. Remember, it's about progress over perfection.

Don’t forget to share your progress with others—we could all use a little extra support. 

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