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Introducing Curiosity Changes Everything

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Welcome to our new Question Series: Curiosity Changes Everything!

Last year Box of Crayons celebrated 20 years of staying curious longer by doing what we do best — interrogating ideas, asking mighty questions and disrupting the status quo.

The series will highlight ideas from some of our favourite curious and great-question-seeking leaders: Desiree Adaway, Jean-Philippe Courtois, Aaron Dignan, Karin Hurt, Todd Kashdan, Liz Wiseman and our founder, Michael Bungay Stanier.

Watch all episodes below

Episode 1: If You Had No Fear, What Would You Say About Failure In Organizations?

Our first episode features Liz Wiseman and Todd Kashdan, who fearlessly take on this question.

Episode 2: What Happens When Organizations Jump Into Action Before Getting Clear On The Real Challenge?

Our second episode draws on the wisdom of Desiree Adaway, Aaron Dignan and Jean-Philippe Courtois.

Episode 3: If We Say Yes To Leadership Vulnerability, What Do We Have To Say No To?

Our third episode features Jean-Philippe Courtois and our very own Michael Bungay Stanier – who keep it real!

Episode 4: What’s On Your Mind When You Think Of Empathy’s Role In Organizational Culture?

We’re not gonna lie, we like this question. It combines two of our favourite things — one of our Seven Essential Questions and an important leadership trait. This fourth episode features Todd Kashdan & Desiree Adaway again.

Episode 5: What Does Psychological Safety Mean To You? What Ideas Do You Have About The Impact Of Psychological Safety On Organizational Innovation?

Episode 5 features Karin Hurt & Liz Wiseman who share their insights on this important topic.

Episode 6: What Are The Consequences When Culture Change Doesn’t Stem From — Or Start With — An Organization’s Leadership?

For our sixth, and final, episode of this season we’re thrilled to have Todd Kashdan, Aaron Dignan and Jean-Philippe Courtois back again. They share some important insights. How would you answer the question?

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